Adventures in the Nentir Vale

The Nest

Returning the tavern, the party turns in for the night. Modnar, however, slips outside and sits in the town square opposite the tavern, watching attentively. After spying Ninarel returning to Winterhaven in the early hours of the morning, he goes up to bed and begins his daily meditation.

On the morning the party sets out to find the kobold lair. Journeying south from the small town, they are ambushed by kobolds on the road! The kobolds quickly surround our heroes and prove very difficult to touch with a sword…or axe, and one of the kobolds seems to be a magic-user, throwing balls of acid about the field with wanton abandon.

During this skirmish, a loud thumping sound is heard shortly before a 6’4" tall robotic humanoid runs into the fray, brandishing a sword. The warforged begins attacking the kobolds, and short work is made of them. At this point, the warforged grabs Niben, mistaking him for a kobold, and shakes him violently about until it is explained that he is in fact a halfling and a friend. After having let Niben to the ground, the construct introduces himself as Falchion – a young warforged journeying from the south in order to find adventure and experience the world. Falchion agrees to accompany the party in their quest to root out the kobolds from their hidden stronghold.

Orrus discovers, on the remains of the lead kobold of the ambush, a piece of linen and a necklace with a rams head token on the end. He recognises the necklace immediately as a symbol of Orcus – demon prince of the undead – and communicates this to the party. He is met mostly with ignorance, and confusion from Falchion who does not understand Orrus’ fear and disgust of something which is merely a symbol (not the demon prince of the undead himself). On the linen scrap Orrus finds a crude drawing of a waterfall next to the kobold symbol for home. More confusion from Falchion – symbols, it seems, will take time.

The adventurers remembered the waterfall they discovered yesterday and decide to re-trace their steps to find the place. Having successfully discovered the waterfall where they had given battle to the kobolds and disturbed the magical circle, the party fails to see any indication of a lair. Nebin discovers that magic is eminating from behind the waterfall, where only solid rock had been erstwhile observed. After some group chanting, the illusion is dispelled, dissolving to dust. This magic disturbs the more knowlegable members of the party, who know that this magic is far beyond what any kobold has ever achieved. It is decided that the party will enter the cavern beyond the waterfall all at once, but Modnar has other ideas, teleporting into the middle of the cave with a loud shout of “DRY!”.

This surprises a room full of kobolds and the adventurers quickly take advantage of this, laying into the reptilian creatures with vigour. The kobolds quickly try to flank our heroes but are slain left right and centre. Attracted by the ruckus, more kobolds arrive, joined by a large goblin wielding a battleaxe. The goblin charges into battle with an enraged scream, swinging his axe everywhere. With a low growl, Orros lets loose a great rage, transfiguring his body into a terrifying ram/minotaur hybrid before goring the goblin and tossing him across the battlefield. Orros then proceeds to thin out the kobolds but does not realise the goblin is undeterred, picking himself up and once again joining the battle. Nebin, Modnar and Nari-Lana then successfully isolate the kobolds into groups while Falchion and Orros pin and attack the goblin, eventually killing him after hampering him with cleverly timed ripostes and counter-strikes.

The kobold lair having been cleared of kobolds, the adventurers search for treasure, finding a good eal of gold and some enchanted chainmail. On the body of the goblin they also discover a ram’s head brand (not from Orros’ horns) and a letter from a mysterious being known as Kalarel. This letter contains instructions to hamper travelers in order to give Kalarel more time to “open the rift” and allow Orcus to come through into the world to feast on the flesh of the living. This chilling message seems to imply that this kobold problem is the least of Winterhaven’s worries…



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