Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Brains vs Braun

The adventurers, having wiped out the last of the kobolds and discovered the beginning of a dark and sinister plot, return to Winterhaven to collect their reward from Lord Padraig. Their meeting is brief, and they claim their reward without any trouble.

Back in the now familiar surrounds of Wrafton’s Inn, the party conspire to prove Ninarel is the spy mentioned in the note found on the goblin in the kobold lair, planning to ambush her on her way north to the keep. They leave behind Nebin to tail her and gather info, and leave to set themselves up at the edge of the forest on the north road.

At Wrafton’s Ninarel finishes her drink and goes upstairs. Nebin, fearful that Ninarel will not leave the town this night, runs out of Winterhaven and makes his way along the north road to warn the party, leaving only old Eilian to stall Ninarel should she come back down to leave.

Nebin nearly springs the ambush on himself, and is sent back to town to resume his post. The others stay to keep watch and maintain the ambush.

Back in town, Nebin finds Eilian asleep at his table and learns that the old man has no idea where Ninarel is! At this point he hears a distant scream and moves outside to investigate. Nebin moves towards the access door next to the large bolted gate, and is nearly taken out by an arrow which pegs itself straight into the solid oak. Nebin hears an unearthly groan and the shuffling of feet before slamming the door shut. He instructs the lone guard at the door to get help before sending a burst of magical light into the sky to warn his allies.

Back in the woods, Falchion and Modnar spy the beam of magical light shooting out of Winterhaven and decide to run there, leaving Orros and Nari-Lana to put armour on, possibly whilst attempting to catch up.

Meanwhile, Nebin has climbed the battlements and has noticed a zombie and three skeletons attempting to beat down the main gate. He tries to use his magic to deter them, but to no avail.

As the remainder of the party run up the hill towards the town they hear a hissing sort of chant, and come across Ninarel, clearly speaking at some more undead creatures. The creatures shuffle toward Winterhaven just as Falchion runs up and swings at Ninarel with his sword. He is closely followed by Orros, who charges and gores the elven huntress with his horns, knocking her to the ground. She pulls herself up and slashes out with a longsword she draws from a sheath on her back, but is unbalanced and misses.

Some of the undead run up and attack the party members, but it is too late for Ninarel as she is quickly surrounded and overwhelmed. Falchion runs up the path to the gate just as the skeletons are giving up the siege and turning to fight. He mops them up but is beset upon by a zombie who diverts his attention.

Nebin, meanwhile, continues to hamper the skeletons with his magic as a small contingent of town gaurds led by Lord Padraig himself run out the gate and clean up the rest of the foul creatures.

Lord Padraig is greatly disturbed by this brazen attack, and charges the party with rooting out the hostile agents behind the conspiracy and eliminating them. He promises a great reward of gold and land – even promising titles for the adventurers in exchange for their great service to the town of Winterhaven.

To be continued…



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